Flagstone Patios and Walkways

When the time comes to choose your new patio material, one is always drawn to the beauty of natural stone...it's a strong connection with nature and nothing looks like real stone. If it fits your mood and budget, you need to be sure your flagstone (also called limestone and slate) installer is a true craftsman. While concrete pavers are a useful and attractive paving material, they are relatively easy to place in an attractive fashion. Not so with natural stone. The finished product is highly dependent on the skill and "eye" of the craftsmen performing the installation.

At Lynn's, our stone craftsmen have been with us for years, and we feel they are the best. If you would like consistent, narrow mortar joints (the area between the stones), our craftsmen will meticulously cut each piece of stone to fit, a time-consuming and artful craft that results in a refined, finished look.

If you prefer a more rustic design, our craftsmen will arrange the stones in a more natural fashion or hand chisel each stone to fit them together like a giant puzzle.

We offer unlimited combinations of stone and mortar colors, and our designers will gladly help with suggestions on what will best fit your home. Whatever your choice you will enjoy your natural stone patio for many years to come.

Remember when it comes to installing natural stone, you must have a skilled craftsman. Lynn's Landscaping not only has the craftsmen, we have the one thing nobody else can offer...we've been doing it for over fifty years!

Please contact us for more information.

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