Landscape Plans

We see it every day: homeowners that want to improve their property, but don't know where to begin. Maybe eventually they will want a pool, some shade trees, a play area, a rose garden, a gazebo, a water feature, or some other amenity. Maybe they don't even know exactly what they want. So, not being able to envision their yard as a whole, they start with one feature, place it wherever, and then let that determine where everything else ends up. The result is usually "I wish I would have thought of that before I..."

As designers, we are also educators, and probably the single most important concept we can convey to our clients is the necessity of a well-designed Master Plan before implementing any major landscape features. This is especially true for pools, because their placement will determine the use of the rest of the yard. If you are building or buying a new home, it is never too early to develop your Master Plan. We can provide the new homeowner with a phased approach that will make sure future improvements will dovetail with current ones, as well as offer suggestions on walk & drive layout, A/C placement, or situating the house on the lot.

Our Master Plan design process consists of an in-depth on-site interview, a site analysis/inventory (drainage patterns, negative/positive views, existing conditions, etc.), program generation (elements to be included in the design) and a full-color, hand-drawn, scaled presentation at our Design Center. This is a fee-based service and is fully credited toward the installation, whether in full or in part.

We invite you to contact us for a consultation on the preparation of a Master Plan for your property.

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