Retaining Walls

Here in the Clear Lake area, there are several situations where retaining walls are necessary or desirable. The most obvious would be waterfront lots with a substantial slope to the bayou, lake or bay, where retaining walls increase the usable yard area and prevent erosion. Another would be houses that are built higher than the surrounding terrain for flood protection, where retaining walls help unite the house with the ground plane and protect the foundation from washout. There are also decorative applications where the retaining wall delineates the beds or becomes a place to sit.
At Lynn's, we specialize in all of these and more, with a broad palette of materials and methods. For the larger, structural walls, our material of choice is the Allan Block series of segmental concrete retaining wall blocks. We have found this product to be the most reliable, attractive and cost-effective solution for our expansive clay soils. We are Certified Allan Block Installers (by the manufacturer) and have the design skills and experience to handle the most challenging site. These larger structural walls must be engineered and installed according to strict specifications.
The smaller Windsor Stone blocks sold at home centers are fine for smaller, decorative walls but cannot be relied upon for structural stability above 24-30" in height. Another attractive alternative for this smaller type of wall is stacked & mortared natural stone.

You can trust Lynn's Landscaping to engineer and install the correct type of Retaining Wall for your particular situation, as well as be accountable for its performance.
Please contact us for more information.

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